high quality equipment and chemical supplies

Agserv provides high quality equipment and chemical supplies to Australian pest control operators. We’ve assembled a full range of products and equipment so you have the right tools, no matter what pest you’re facing.


Rudduck’s remarkable Rodenticide range

Rudduck manufactures, sources, develops and distributes a range of specialty pest control products. Rudduck offers two unique and highly effective rodent control products. The first, and particularly relevant at this time, is Alpha Rapid mouse bait. Alpha Rapid is very specific to mice, having relatively low toxicity to other, larger mammals. It works as an…

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Rodents – A quick guide to their treatment and control

We have all heard about the massive mouse plagues in Western NSW and South West Queensland – but now is the time when all commensal (pest) rodents come into our homes and work-places looking for warmth, food and harbourage. The single most important factor in limiting rodent invasions is cleanliness! Encourage good housekeeping practices by…

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Place orders 24/7 with the Agserv order portal

We are delighted at the response from our account customers to our new order portal. Our new online customer order portal allows you to place orders quickly and efficiently. Exclusive to Agserv account holders, this is not a retail webstore. It’s is a dedicated portal designed for the exclusive use of our professional pest control…

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